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Bestpak boarded the 《 Postage Stamps of China 》

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On 1st, Dec. 2015, the 2015 annual stamp album officially listed. After boarding the 2013 and 2014《Postage Stamps of China 》, Bestpak continue boarded the 2015 《Postage Stamps of China》issued by China National stamp Corporation. It organically combines Bestpak’s propaganda content with stamp album, which expanded the scope of the enterprise's propaganda,spreaded the culture of the enterprise, showcased the charm of the enterprise and then finally achieved the more perfect publicity of Bestpak.
The 2015《Postage Stamps of China 》included all the stamps issued throughout the year. Each set of stamps is furnished with Chinese and English, square inch between obviously records China's achievements in the political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the year as a witness to history. It also shows the social development process of China in 2015 through a thick and heavy in colours, themes rich and has extremely collection value.